Since the first Shabbat UK in Leeds in 2013 the Challah Make has always been a popular draw, bringing together people of different ages, levels of observance and from different synagogues.  This year, for the first time, it also brought together the genders, enabling couples to brush up on their baking skills together.


Hosted this year by the United Hebrew Congregation (UHC), 200 people came together to make dough in unison, with a live kneading demonstration by Laurence Gorsden broadcast onto screens around the room via webcam.

Whilst the dough was proving participants had a welcome refreshment break followed by a fun Shabbat-based quiz compiled by Andrew Ullman and Pam and Michael Masser.

Plaiting demonstrations followed and everyone taking part took home three family-sized challot – or their equivalent in rolls – for their Shabbat meals.

As well as being tremendous fun this was a truly cross-communal event with participants from all 4 of the main shuls as well as the Chassidishe, Lubavitch and Kollel communities.  What an amazing way to kick of Shabbat UK 2016!

The cross-communal committee for this year’s Challah Make was:

Ann Dewar, Sephi Stern, Baila Cohen, Esther Buckman, Penina Stroh, Vardi Dansky, Claire Brown, Val Berwin and Marilyn Cohen

A massive thank you to all of those who kindly gave up their evenings on the preceding Tuesday and Wednesday to weigh, pour and measure ingredients for 200 participants; to Laurence Gorsden; to Andrew Ullman and Pam and Michael Masser; and to the UHC events committee for providing refreshments.