• Makor, Jewish Culture for Leeds & Yorkshire and the Shaliach (Israeli Emissary).
  • Makor is one of the most dynamic organizations in the UK to organize Jewish related Cultural Events.
  • Makor is the Jewish cultural and educational one – stop that uniquely reaches all facets of the Jewish and wider communities in its region, due to its diverse, attractive, spectrum of activities and programmes.
  • Based in Leeds with a reach Yorkshire wide and at larger events, nationally and internationally, Makor has a hugely successful track record in staging eagerly awaited events such as JFest International (Large Scale Jewish Performing Arts Festival), The Big Jewish Nosh Fest, Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut) in addition to many high profile events throughout the year.
  • Makor also organizes Holocaust Memorial Day, the Jewish Art Exhibition, an array of well attended talks, lectures, Holocaust Education and outreach work.
  • The Shaliach, (Israeli Emissary), leads many Israel related programs in Yorkshire and throughout smaller Northern Jewish Communities including the Active Media Group and Israel Lobby Group.


CHAIR: Russell Manning

AIMS : To develop The Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Community Centre as a major asset to the Leeds Jewish Community and beyond.

We aim to provide excellent facilities for a large and diverse group of users and activities, within the resources available.

• Simchas, Functions & Events Packages • Conference Facilities • Meeting Rooms • Meat restaurant • Milk cafe

All the above are supported by our in-house catering teams.



CONTACT: Eva Frojmovic or Bill Kunin

AIMS AND ACTIVITIES: Leeds Masorti is a small informal community, dedicated to promoting an open, inclusive, traditional and creative Jewish life. Our activities include egalitarian religious services and communal suppers on some Shabbatot and holidays, along with study programmes and celebrations to mark the turning points of the Jewish year. While our communal practice is traditional, we include people with a wide range of backgrounds and levels of observance, and aspire to involve all of our members as fully as possible in our activities.


CHAIRMAN: Anthony Vincent

TREASURER: Tim Friedman

AIMS AND ACTIVITIES: Massada Fellowship is a charitable organisation, which has raised funds through functions and events for projects in Israel for over forty years and is presently raising funds for the severely disabled residents of Aleh Negev.